Tag: chillout

Sublight: “Lipstick & Laudenum” DJ set

Deep and warm. Warm and Fuzzy. Fuzzy and deep.


Sublight: “Give me some Radio” DJ set

Strictly Ital Thom.


Dub Monk: “Beatification III” DJ set

A meandering wander through deep bassmusic and minimal chill. Restless, shifting, shimmering and beautiful.


Sublight: “Fungal” DJ set

A highly advanced style of music that will regrow neurons and allow you to travel astrally.


Sublight: “Active Release III” DJ set

This is the third in the series, and probably the last (at least for now). Enjoy.


Sublight: “Active Release II” DJ set

One more for you today, the second in this series of chillout sets. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Active Release” DJ set

Here is another Sublight chillout set. Enjoy.


Sublight: “Mystical Dinner” DJ set

Transported on a journey through acoustic space and musical time.


Sublight: “Disturbed Heavens” DJ set

When you’re done your partying tonight, and you feel like a real trip, this set clocks in at nearly three and a half hours of mind-bending sonic landscape. Works well with most mind-altering influences. ENJOY.


Sublight: “Pyramid” DJ set

Today’s thunderstorms remind me of when this set was first made in the depths of summer. Organic and moving through many styles, this is music for a rainy day – sit and listen, and think about the moments of your life that have made you value it.  Enjoy.