Tag: house

Sublight: “Let’s get Fucked Up” DJ set

Do what makes you happy.


Sublight: “Out with the Old, and In with the Out” DJ set

4 Hours, countless directions, melting the stack of my remaining 2013 vinyl purchases down into a puddle of joy in your ears. Happy 2014.


Sublight: “Winter Sun” DJ set

A ball of fire low on the horizon, gleaming like a jewel. Sometimes fading, sometimes blinding; our only link to the memory of summer past and the promise of one yet to come.


Sublight: “Music for Fucking (less gently)” DJ set

For the BDSM crowd that thought Music for Fucking (Sensitively) wasn’t their kind of bedroom music, here’s one for the Tops.


Sublight: “Happy Days” DJ set

A smiley voyage back through acid house, electro and hip-house classics of the 80’s and early 90’s. Acieeeeed!


Sublight: “A House Made of Stoned” DJ set

An extended vinyl journey into the minds of House and his friends.


Sublight: “Balls Deep” DJ Set

Heading deeper inside the house.


Sublight: “Candle on the Dashboard” DJ set

Slow house for late nights and dark drives on hot asphalt.


Sublight: “Dirty Carpet” DJ Set

Some jackin new house bizness for your deepening pleasure…


Sublight: “Only in Dreams” DJ set

Summer’s breath on your skin, rays of sunshine amidst the shade. The caress of grass and a lover. Dreams of being far away, and yet, exactly here.