Tag: jungle

Sublight: “Cracked Pepper Spray” DJ set

The madness escapes in every direction. This bizness is gritty and dangerous.

Sublight: “31 Flavours” DJ set

A blazing summer set from 2005 that got rinsed out quite a lot. This goes out to our good friends at Bassbus who may well remember it. Enjoy!

Sublight: “Get Yer Fuckin Boots ON!” DJ set

Ruffneck ragga jungle bizzness!

Sublight: “I Feel Strange” DJ set

More drum & bass riddim for all y’all – this one is HARD AS FUCK.

Sublight: “Hai Karappe” DJ set

Bored of the same old ting. Time to wreck that shit up.

Sublight: “Steppers of Mass Destruction” DJ set

Part Three of the War On Common Sense(tm) trilogy. This drum & bass has some serious heft to it, but still flows nicely…into a badass ragga set. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Jiggy Bitches” DJ set

This is an odd one, but it’s an odd hour. Enjoy.

Sublight: “Bare Witness”

An amusing old jungle tune from the vaults. Lots of cheeky samples…

Sublight: “Ghetto Blasted” DJ set

Soundtrack for a wake & bake morning?

Sublight: “Rude Bwoy Roberts” DJ set

Here’s a birthday set for our man Evan. Jungle power!