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Sublight: “Old Skool Fool” Classic DJ set

The sound of the warehouse, circa early 90’s.

Sublight: “Junglism” Classic DJ set

An early foray into the broken beat.

Sublight: “Grabba Gabba” Classic DJ set

Many of these early sets were filled with humour and inside jokes, perhaps a reflection of the fact that rave culture and music really didn’t take itself as seriously back then as whatever passes for it now might. As a results, the odd Monty Python skit or Barney record or other quote seemed to make it’s way into the soundscape. Given how comedic hardcore was back then, with MC’s trashing each others’ cities, and parody tracks, this shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. Now the inside jokes about pancreas boxing are a thing of the past, and the Grabba Java coffee shop in Otawa this set was named after is surely long gone…

Sublight: “Vibe” Classic DJ set

It’s time for another warm set that is the musical equivalent of comfort food. This old ’94 set always puts a smile on my face – hopefully you as well.

Sublight: “Take a Step Back…” Classic DJ set

How it all began for Sublight. The first side of the first mixtape. A transition from a guy fade-mixing industrial music in dodgy goth clubs to a multi-decade long addiction to playing electronic music.

Sublight: “…to Advance” Classic DJ set

The second side of the first tape. A transition from my industrial years to techno and hardcore.

Sublight: “Original Hardcore Set” Classic DJ set

The first of the pure hardcore sets, the result of stumbling onto a treasure trove of Rotterdam Records’ releases.

Sublight: “Krak Baby Session Mix” Classic DJ set

Trying to learn how to mix, all the way back in 1994, with a relatively small but heavy music collection. Noel, affectionately known as the Krak Baby, provided much of the early inspiration.