Sublight: “Shades of Deepest Intensity” Classic DJ set

When life hands you lemons, make Acid.

Sublight: “Tribal Drum” Classic DJ set

A wander into thee tribal psychedelic fold.

Sublight: “Shock Waves of Trance Beauty” Classic DJ set

In 1995, trance softened and started to really get epic and beautiful. Platipus, Harthouse, Rising High and other labels were making a melodic symphony out of what had initially been a relatively staid and simple genre.

Sublight: “Don’t do Hits of House” Classic DJ set

Classic laid back and beautiful house & techno sounds.

Sublight: “Don’t do Tokes of Trance” Classic DJ set

The deep end of the pool.

Sublight: “Thee Beauty ov Destruction” Classic DJ set

Thee light at thee end ov thee tunnel? For the moment.

Sublight: “Trance & Tribal Mind Teardown” Classic DJ set

A dark mindtrip for dark times.

Sublight: “Hardcore Flesh & Bones” Classic DJ set

Pretty much the angriest music you could find in 1994.

Sublight: “Thee Architecture ov Doom” Classic DJ set

At the end of 1994, all that intensity took it’s emotional toll.

Sublight: “Falling” Classic DJ set

A classic party set filled with happiness. This is, to some extent, where it began. Learning how to bring all of these ecstatic sounds together into something that told a story, brought beauty forward, and raised emotions. And once I started, I could never stop.