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Sublight: “United Nations of Trance” Classic DJ set

I think I may have seen too many United Colors of Benetton ads at the time.

Sublight: “Revisited: Don’t do Hits ov House” Classic DJ set

Having lost the original recording of this set (though subsequently relocating it), I took the old cassette’s cover and grabbed some records and recorded it again – this time with a few minor changes.

Sublight: “Don’t do Hits of House” Classic DJ set

Classic laid back and beautiful house & techno sounds.

Sublight: “Falling” Classic DJ set

A classic party set filled with happiness. This is, to some extent, where it began. Learning how to bring all of these ecstatic sounds together into something that told a story, brought beauty forward, and raised emotions. And once I started, I could never stop.

Sublight: “Junglism” Classic DJ set

An early foray into the broken beat.

Sublight: “Placid Placebo” Classic DJ set

A mixed bag of tracks that reflected a voracious appetite for, and growing awareness of electronic music. I think it’s good right up front that I didn’t stick to one style, in the early 90’s I was playing 4-5 genres of music, sometimes even in one set. In our apartment in Ottawa, the parties would run non-stop, sometimes for days, and I would get to experiment with my limited music selection, seeing what fit and what didn’t, and what I really felt passionate about.