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Mar 27 2012

Sublight: “Soundclash!” DJ set

We’re all feeling a bit plucky at Stylusnation HQ tonight – probably on account of the cider. Accordingly, here’s a Sublight jungle set. What?! We haven’t had one of those in a while (the mixing on this set probably reinforces that fact), but it’s been long overdue that we circle back to this, the greatest use of a breakbeat ever. Cheers.

Soundclash! [2012] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Feb 24 2008

Sublight: “Ten Gun Selectah!” DJ set

Some intense breakcore and heavy ragga jungle to shake out the road rage. We promise it’ll make you happy in 76 minutes – money back guarantee! Enjoy (responsibly).

PS: Don’t be fooled by the first track.

Ten Gun Selectah! [2008] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Apr 07 2006

Sublight: “Frank Capra’s Suicide Note” DJ set

Some more-hardcore-than-usual stuff. Here’s some breakcore and fungal intensity.

Frank Capra's Suicide Note [2006] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Nov 26 2005

Sublight: “Morning Crack” DJ set

Make this big bounce & shred part of your nutritious breakfast.

Morning Crack [2005] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jul 23 2005

Sublight: “Cracked Pepper Spray” DJ set

The madness escapes in every direction. This bizness is gritty and dangerous.

Cracked Pepper Spray [2005] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Jan 15 2002

Sublight: “Evil Empire” DJ set

A tribute to a true original master – the one and only Alec Empire. Culled from the vaults of his DHR label, as well as old Force Inc./Mille Plateaux releases, this covers many of the genres he’s dipped his toes into – acid, breakcore, ambient/experimental, and some serious lo-beat harshness – much of which has created or furthered the template for these forms. There are probably a few tracks in here that aren’t strictly his (Atari Teenage Riot and a few side projects), and some that might just be on his label (I’m sure there’s a Christoph de Babylon track in here somewhere…), regardless, you’ll see his hands at work in all of it – plus the mixing on this set appears to be more than a bit batshit crazy – in this case that might just help. Enjoy.

Evil Empire [2002] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud

Apr 30 1999

Sublight: “Hasek vs. Sublight (side B)” Classic DJ set

An afternoon of jamming with Hasek, he on his kit and I on my turntables.

Hasek vs. Sublight (side B) [1999] by The Sublight Archive on Mixcloud