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Tom Golder – Patch 19

Live #ModularMonday recording, a simple evolving dark ambient/drone patch.

Ominous Industry [DJ set]

The sounds of industry and progress, devolution and recombination. Recorded live via vinyl.

Sunday Crew – Non-Ambient

4 hands on the modular, two minds slipping out of consciousness. Live improvised modular recording, no edits.


A Halloween emission of dark experiments and noise. All vinyl in the cauldron. Track listings below.

  1. Emptyset – Medium [Subtext Recordings]
  2. The Anti Group – The Discussion [Interior Music]
  3. Coil – Aqua Regis [WAX TRAX!]
  4. Ashtray Navigations – Plastic Sea [Menlo Park Recordings]
  5. Nurse With Wound – Colder Still (Ending) [Streamline]
  6. Coil – How to Destroy Angels [LAYLAH]
  7. William S. Burroughs – Working With the Popular Forces [Sub Rosa]
  8. Zoviet France – A Flock of Rotations [Red Rhino]
  9. Orson Welles – War of the Worlds [Evolution]
  10. Richard H. Kirk – Novemer X Ray Mexico [WARP]
  11. James Bailey – From a Window 1 a.m. [Applied Science]
  12. Maybe Mental – Will [Placebo Records]
  13. The Future Sound of London – Everyone in the World is Doing Something Without Me [Virgin Records]
  14. Klaus – Cypher [R&S Records]
  15. The Sprawl – Drowning in Binary [The Death of Rave]
  16. Function/Vatican Shadow – The Nemesis Flower [Hospital Productions]
  17. Miles – Archaic Thought Pattern 1 [Modern Love]
  18. Mitchell Akiyama – Meridial [Eat This Records]
  19. Ilhan Mimaroglu – Le Tombeau d’Edgar Poe [Turnabout]
  20. Boards of Canada – Beware the Friendly Stranger [WARP]
  21. Silver Waves – VI (Ossia Remix) [Portals Editions]
  22. Raime – Dialing in Falling out [Blackest Ever Black]
  23. Ø – Heijastuva [Sähkö Recordings]
  24. The Summerlad – City of Noise [Saved by Vinyl]
  25. Link & E621 – Antacid [Evolution]
  26. PWOG – Dust (at the crossroads) [KK]
  27. Plaid – Object Orient [WARP]

Tom Golder & Sunrise Awakening: Miriam’s Walk

An all-modular one and a half hour voyage through the mind. Recorded live, no edits.

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #18 – live modular performance

This month, a series of longform dark ambient experiments from Stylusnation artists, using Eurorack, outboard analog and digital gear. The first hour and a half features Tom Golder and Sunrise Awakening performing a live, improvised modular jam. Track listing below.

  1. Tom Golder & Sunrise Awakening – Miriam’s Walk (unreleased live performance) [Stylusnation]
  2. Tom Golder – Patch 17 [Stylusnation]
  3. Sublight – Simulated Distance VIII [Stylusnation]
  4. Discovery Circle – Where the Buses Don’t Run (unreleased) [Stylusnation]

Sublight – Simulated Distance 8

Featuring Roger, a fiery, righteous street preacher. Recorded in London, February 2005.

Tom Golder – Patch 18 (Beats Mix)

Adding drums, and confusion, to the mix.

Tom Golder – Patch 17

Soundscape escape.

Tom Golder – Patch 18

Something strange in the air tonight.