Tag: happy hardcore

Sublight: “…and the lever was just stuck at 1996!” DJ set

And you can watch the entire episode on the Cheesemotron.

Sublight: “Mass Raves” DJ set

Part One of the War On Common Sense(tm) trilogy.

Sublight: “DiAnna II” DJ set

Juicy hardcore for a wild young lady. Or maybe the other way around. In any case…

Sublight: “Plinko” DJ set

Classic Happy Hardcore. Absurdly classic, absurdly happy.

Sublight: “Happy Hardcore Minutes” DJ set

The real deal – happy hardcore from the early 90’s, lots of jungle breaks, less cheese.

Sublight: “Hardcore Minutes” DJ set

Oldskool breakbeat hardcore & happy hardcore.

Sublight: “Clear Hardcore” Classic DJ set

A few happy moments as the summer wound down to a close and I moved permanently away from Toronto.

Sublight: “Auld-Skool Happy Hardcore” Classic DJ set

A trip to Ottawa to play the Delight Valentine’s Day party.

Sublight: “Core-Hardness” Classic DJ set

One coffee, one cream, ten-thousand sugars please.

Sublight: “Wikkidest Happy Hardcore” Classic DJ set

Jolly good times.