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Deep Summer immersion. All vinyl and filled with possibility. Track Listings below.

  1. Arthur Luce Klein – The Diary of Samuel Pepys [Spoken Arts Inc]
  2. Dubatech – faq [Baum]
  3. Porter Ricks – Shoal Beat [Tresor]
  4. 200 and one – Get Down (Len Faki’s Deepspace mix) [Figure]
  5. Floorplan – Made up my Mind [MPlant]
  6. Luca Agnelli – Voltumna (Truncae remix0 [Eturia]
  7. Cadens & Kracht – Lompret [Wolfskuil]
  8. Deapmash – Halcyon (VIP) [Leisure System Records]
  9. Radio Slave – Children of the E (KiNK SP1200 Remix) [Running Back]
  10. Clouds – Fallout [Electric Deluxe]
  11. Kiani and his Legion – I Can Take You There (If You Let Me Take You) [SOHASO]
  12. Bambounou – See You Soon [50 Weapons]
  13. BNJMN – Mass Conductor [Tiercel]
  14. Biosphere – Black Mesa [Biophon Records]


GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #30 – Codeine & Gauze

An hour of the latest laid back deep and melodic house music, played only on vinyl.

  1. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure (Synkro Remix) [Fauxpas Musik]
  2. Peverelist – Under Clearing Skies [Livity Sound]
  3. Ivan Latyshev – Art of Flying [Dessous Recordings]
  4. Telephones – U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger’s Understated Moss Phlox Mix) [Running Back]
  5. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Mask]
  6. Presk – Starets [SOHASO / Mary Go Wild]
  7. Erdbeerschnitzel With Level Hopes [Delsin]
  8. Richard Fearless – Sweet Venus [Drone]
  9. Locked Groove – Dawn [Speicher]
  10. wAFF – Inception [Desolat]
  11. Neozaïre – Blue Bell Treasure [Fauxpas Musik]

“Something Like Summer” DJ set

From the vaults, a little taste of the good stuff.



Hardrive – Deep Inside (Tom Golder’s Caustic Dub)

A little Throwback Thursday here for you, a 2014 remix of a 1993 deep house classic from Little Louie Vega under his Hardrive alias. TR-909, Future Retro 777 and samples. Simple, just like back then.

F*cked up Sandwiches [DJ set]

Sandwiches. Probably mixed with booze.

Sublight – Bioko (live)

Live stereo recording, no edits, using #Elektron Analog RYTM and Analog Four. Conceived for and performed at Freezer Burn 2015.

Sublight – Homeward (live)

Live stereo recording, no edits, using #Elektron Analog RYTM and Analog Four. Conceived for Freezer Burn 2015.

Sublight – Depthcharj (live)

Classic & Deep House vibes – recorded live on an all-hardware rig.

Sublight – 90-someting

Sunny Saturday afternoon house. Classic grooves, recorded live on hardware.

Sublight – Buoyant (live)

All-hardware live recording, no edits. Elektron RYTM & Analog Four.