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Feb 01 2016

Sublight – Breeze (live video)

Performed live on Elektron RYTM and Elektron Analog Four.

Dec 18 2015

For the Master of Minimalz [DJ set]

A special StylusNation Happy Birthday to Orlesko, a true devotee to his craft and an all around amazing human being.

Nov 17 2015

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS November 2015 podcast: Orlesko LIVE from Kiel

Orlesko shines the techno lights bright in a live transatlantic transmission from Kiel, Germany this month. As ever, this one is deep, rolling and expansive – Enjoy!

Oct 17 2015

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS October 2015 Podcast: Tom Golder

This month Tom Golder takes us on a wonky trip through long-form landscapes of minimal and acid. Track listings below. Enjoy.

  1. Aardvarck – Untitled (Madcap Remix) [Delsin]
  2. Mike Shannon – Playing the Fool [Wagon Repair]
  3. Betrieb – Stadionbad [Klang Elektronik]
  4. Denis Kaznacheev – Feedbäckereien [Minibar]
  5. David Hasert – The Clap [Low Hanging Fruit]
  6. Mike Dehnert – Losange [Echocord Colour]
  7. Simon Haydo – The Strain is too much [Studio Barnhus]
  8. Fumiya Tanaka – UFO Test 1 [Minibar]
  9. Fluxion – You Don’t Know (Joey Anderson Remix) [Echocord]
  10. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Ether Ether [Infrastructure ]
  11. Gerstaffelen – Night Flowing North [M>O>S Recordings]
  12. RVDS – Space Rhythm Three [It’s]
  13. An-i – Rut [Cititrax]
  14. Untidy – Flindik [Skudge]
  15. Julien Bracht – Sun [Trust]
  16. Tuff City Kids – PF01 [Internasjonal]
  17. Harry Bennett – Jack My Body (Traxx Remix) [CCC Recordings]
  18. Chevel – Harsh Times (Happa Remix) [Non Series]
  19. Rezzett – Yayla [The Trilogy Tapes]
  20. RVDS – Afrika [Pudel Produkte]
  21. Terron – No 29 Pareto 20/80 [Whities]
  22. SCNTST – Ghetto Youth [BNR]
  23. Multipliar – Ricky Tick [Trapez]

Sep 19 2015

Sublight – Shroud (live)

Performed live on Elektron RYTM and Elektron Analog Four.

Sep 18 2015

Sublight – Recliner (live)

Performed live on Elektron RYTM and Elektron Analog Four.

Sep 14 2015

Sublight – Breeze (live)

Performed live on Elektron RYTM and Elektron Analog Four.

Watch the live video at youtu.be/C3YH0CC1zEY

Aug 14 2015

Dubna Labs – Gradient

Live recording with Elektron Machinedrum and MonoMachine.

Aug 07 2015

The Dub Monk: “Dubnation I” DJ Set

Travels east and west, north and south. The Dub Monk hits the deepest points on the compass.

Jul 17 2015


This month we welcome back the master, Orlesko as our guest curator. Soulful as the Alberta summer sunlight is long, he gives us two hours of blissful, warm vinyl vibes. Get immersed in this amazing trip… You can check out Orlesko’s extensive back catalogue at www.mixcloud.com/orlesko/

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