Tag: oldskool

Sublight: “The War on Treble” DJ set

Part Two of the War On Common Sense(tm) trilogy.

Sublight: “Mass Raves” DJ set

Part One of the War On Common Sense(tm) trilogy.

Sublight: “Dirty E” DJ set

Dirty old hardcore breakbeat choons.

Sublight: “Double Hard Old” DJ set

Just like the winter we have outdoors, cold, snowy, but still a bit sunny. Now inside, minus the hypothermia.

Sublight: “From the past, a cry for Help” DJ set

Beautiful, deep and dark, very old German trance and techno plays on both the heartstrings and the mind.

Sublight: “Darkcore Minutes” DJ set

The dawn of jungle in early darkcore.

Sublight: “Time” Classic DJ set

Early days of jungle & hardcore. Deep and rough.

Sublight: “Hardcore Uproar” Classic DJ set

Loads of SU Corp compilation fodder, happy and hard, pitched up and intense. This stuff was always incredibly fun.

Sublight: “Retrovirus: First Case” Classic DJ set

Back to the days of happy melodic breakbeats, and fast & furious oldskool breakbeat hardcore.

Sublight: “Hardcore Breakbeats in tha Day” Classic DJ set

Classic bleeps & breaks from the early 90’s.