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Fuck Marty, an ADDDJ’s Ghost Set [DJ set]

Marty and Mike wanted to play a set at this year’s Marty Party, I didn’t, so I just made them one.

Tom Golder – Twitch

Radio waves carry ideas. The Band: TR-909, Alpha Juno, Tempest, FR-777, Voice

Sublight: “Give me some Radio” DJ set

Strictly Ital Thom.

Sublight: “Because you’ve got to have Nostalgia” DJ set

Fragments of memory, shards of experiences, coming together; not sure why.

Sublight: “After Dinner” DJ set

Vibes for after our wedding dinner.

Sublight: “Dance Camp(y)” DJ set

Lots and lots of things mashed up. Bouncy and fun – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sublight: “Merry Frickin’ Christmas” DJ set

Best of the season to you all šŸ™‚

Sublight: “The 80’s be Torching your Home” DJ set

Blazing 80’s, mostly because I seem to have changed my studio setup in 2007 and the input gain was way too high. There’s still some delicate synth-pop in there somewhere…?

Sublight: “The 80’s Don’t be Havin It” DJ set

A romp across the 80’s (and even beyond) that leaves no cow sacred and no stone unturned. A few dances at the Breakfast Club anyone?

Sublight: “The 90’s don’t be havin’ it” DJ set

Synth pop melodies and industrial rhythms.