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GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #34 – Foreign Horizons

Travel broadens the mind, so take a trip with us. All vinyl, with some vinyl only goodies & rarities sprinkled in. Track listings below. Enjoy.

  1. Coil & Black Sun Productions – All this has to be filmed, the cameraman has to wear a black leather coat [Rustblade]
  2. Sven Weisemann – Monistic [Echocord]
  3. K-Lone – Old Fashioned [Soundman Chronicles]
  4. Inigo Kennedy – Glacier [Token]
  5. A Sagittariun – Vanishing Point [Hypercolour]
  6. Mim Suileman – Pole Pole [Dimensions Recordings]
  7. Aggborough – Not Tripping [OTB]
  8. Skinnerbox – Gender (Auntie Flo Remix) [Turbo]
  9. Stephen Brown – Sandtext [Echocord Colour]
  10. Patrice Bäumel – Sorcery [Kompakt Extra]
  11. I-iii – Dolce [Livity Sound]
  12. Pablo Mateo – Fazing Trees (John Osbourne Remix) [Dred Records]
  13. Coil & Black Sun Productions – All this has to be filmed, the cameraman has to wear a black leather coat [Rustblade]

Vibrate Now [DJ set]

Add some shuffle and swing to your day. All-vinyl mix, recorded live.


A trip into the netherworld and back. See what lives out beyond the stars and behind the veil of consciousness. Live recording, all vinyl.

  1. Tom Medlock – What Smoking Has Done For Me [Eden Records]
  2. Ena – Crossroads [Latency]
  3. Simon Shreeve – Silver Sun [Downwards Records]
  4. Sigha – Christ Figures [Token]
  5. Cadency – You Need This [GKNSTR]
  6. Mike Dehnert – How close to be [Pampa]
  7. Abayomi – Stars [Abayomi]
  8. Kerosene – King of the Slum [Force Inc. Music Works]
  9. Kassem Mosse – Chilazon 1 [Honest Jon’s Records]
  10. Innersphere – Phunk (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) [Intacto]
  11. Cliff Lothar – All It Takes (100 Dollars 12″ Mix) [Turbo]
  12. The Cyclist – Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Sull NB) [Hypercolour]
  13. L/F/D/M – Fruit Slob [Midnight Shift]
  14. Mono Junk – I’m Okay [DUM Records]
  15. Darkarma – Exit Body Map (Kosmas Epsilon Remix) [Lobotomy Records]
  16. The Advent – Work Dat [Electrix Records]
  17. Batu – Reez [Timedance]
  18. Cosmin TRG – Serpenti (Remixed by Lucy) [Fizic]
  19. Andreas Gehm – The World Ends in 3 Minutes [Midnight Shift]
  20. Via App – From Across The Room [Tresor]
  21. Karl Marx Stadt – NSK2. Sqids [Lux Nigra]
  22. STL – Inner Horizon [Something]

Tom Golder – In the Air [DJ set]

Soft warm whispers in the trees… All vinyl set, recorded live with no edits.

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS #21 – Orlesko “International”

Landing time is 4am. Lights are dim and the sound system is peaking. Clubbers fall into the channel of sonic bliss as the frequencies touch them. The aim is to experience the love of rhythm, whether you stand with your eyes closed or maneuver to the next kick drum; the night is in full swing as we connect with the atmosphere provided by the intercontinental operator…

GHOST TRANSMISSIONS January 2016 podcast

We thought we’d start this year off with more of an eclectic and experimental podcast. Veering through bass, experimental noise, techno and all points between, we’ve got new releases aplenty, various obscure and undiscovered gems, and even some previously unreleased tracks from Surgeon and Psychick Warriors ov Gaia. As always, this is all vinyl & made with love.

  1. Herb Galewitz – Galileo, Newton [Sunset Records]
  2. PInch & Mumdance – Double Barrelled Mitzi (Turbo Mitzi VIP) [Tectonic]
  3. Huxley & J. Philip – What You Want (Vin Sol Remix) [No Idea’s Original]
  4. Truncate & Jimmy – Submission [Ultramajic]
  5. Charlotte de  Witte – Weltschmerz [Turbo]
  6. Basic Soul Unit – We All Want To Believe [Dekmantel]
  7. Manni Dee – Pascal’s Gambit [Leyla Records]
  8. Simon Haydo – Contortions (Jonas Kopp Remix) [MindTrip Music]
  9. Rhythmic Theory – Forgotten Realms [A14]
  10. Livio Improta – Vient [Blackwater]
  11. Shift Work – Abandoned Hands [Houndstooth]
  12. MRSK – Absomnia [Skudge]
  13. DRMCNT – Teenager [Clan Destine Traxx]
  14. South London Ordnance – New Mods (Elevation) [Parachute Records]
  15. The Sprawl – Drowning In Binary [The Death Of Rave]
  16. Container – Peripheral [Spectrum Spools]
  17. Imugem Orihasam – Must Understand Before Contradict [Bedouin Records]
  18. North Manc Beds – Awarm1 [33]
  19. CTRLS – Two Worlds [Token]
  20. Surgeon – Spider [Surgeon Reissues]
  21. L’Estasi Dell’Oro – Sky Unknown  [Macro]
  22. Mark Verbos – Start Up Drive [The Bunker New York]
  23. Modini – The Answer (Original Mix) [Hypercolour]
  24. HYSH? – Psygnosis [GKNSTR]
  25. Paula Temple – Oscillate [50 Weapons]
  26. Pan-Pot – Grey Matter [Second State Audio]
  27. Daniel Stefanik – Illumination [Cocoon]
  28. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Exit 23 [Sacred Summits]

F*cked up Sandwiches [DJ set]

Sandwiches. Probably mixed with booze.

For the Master of Minimalz [DJ set]

A special StylusNation Happy Birthday to Orlesko, a true devotee to his craft and an all around amazing human being.

Sublight – Stick (live)

Live stereo recording, no edits, using #Elektron Analog RYTM and Analog Four. Conceived for Freezer Burn 2015.



This month we welcome back the master, Orlesko as our guest curator. Soulful as the Alberta summer sunlight is long, he gives us two hours of blissful, warm vinyl vibes. Get immersed in this amazing trip… You can check out Orlesko’s extensive back catalogue at www.mixcloud.com/orlesko/